Just Another Fashion Magazine: The Future of Magazines!

Just Another Fashion Magazine: The Future of Magazines!

Just Another Fashion Magazine iPad App Review
Digital and Interactive Magazines are the Future!

Calling all fashionistas, shopaholics, trend spotters and fashion lovers from around the globe.

You need to know about the next BIG thing in digital magazines and how they are taking over from print editions and vast becoming the future! It’s my pleasure to introduce you to ‘Just Another Fashion Magazine’.


This interactive fashion magazine, created by Lisa Dengler, is an impressively stylish fashion magazine that would appeal to a wide audience. The built-in interactivity allows the magazine to be steps ahead of print versions and the possibilities of this style of magazine are endless! Videos, slideshows and links, as well as shopping on-the-go, gives readers everything they need and want from a fashion mag. The magazine comes out weekly, with each issue featuring the fantastic ‘my week in outfits’ section from Lisa herself. The wish lists and picks from around the world are also brilliant additions to the magazine. Just Another Fashion Magazine is inspiring, on trend, vibrant, useful and a must have for any serious fashionista! I am looking forward to watching this magazine evolve and become a leader in the digital world of fashion.

We recently saw the breaking news that Topshop were live streaming their catwalk shows from London Fashion week directly from their app. These kinds of exclusive features will be evolving into digital magazines, giving them a leading edge in the magazine market. Watch this space!