iFly Pro: The Best airport Guide at your Fingertips!

iFly Pro: The Best airport Guide at your Fingertips!


iFlyPro iPhone App Review

The summer season is now upon us and many of us are planning and preparing for our long awaited and well deserved summer holidays. We want everything to run smoothly and to plan, starting from the journey to the airport. This iFly Pro app is a must have for any travellers to keep informed on all their travel essential information.

Pros: iFly pro is an impressive and large airport guide app, which presents information on over 700 airports around the world. Users can select the airport they require from the alphabetical list presented, type to find their selected airport or allow the app to use their current location to find them. Once users have selected their airport choice, the app presents detailed and informative information specific to their selection. The terminal maps are extremely beneficial to all travellers, as well as the list of food, bars and shops available. This is great for those travellers who are pressed for time to quickly locate their nearest shop to gather those last minute essentials before they depart or an ATM machine for some cash. The parking information section is also very informative and useful for anyone needing to visit the airport. Users can also check those all important flight schedules and check the status of specific flights. The app is well laid out and presented, making it easy to navigate and find information instantly. The traveller help section also contains some vital information that can often be overlooked by passengers. For instance; airport identification needed, customs information, security and baggage allowances.

Although the app holds large amounts of data, the speed for loading was fine. Users can also manage their personal travel itineraries, using the ‘my trips’ section of the app.

Overall, this is an impressive airport and flight guide, which will be extremely beneficial to its users. Although this app may seem high in price, it contains all the essential information needed from airport parking, maps, airport facilities, flight schedules and statuses. Having this information to hand eliminates the element of stress, leaving passengers informed and prepared for their departures or arrivals.

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