Hatchi: You Have A Pet, You Have a Responsibility!

Hatchi: You Have A Pet, You Have a Responsibility!


Hatchi iPhone App Review

Amongst those, hopefully fond, memories of the mid-nineties, you may remember the small virtual pets exported from Japan into the pockets of our nation’s kids. They were an incredible success, and this app stands to prove that we must fulfil our need to carry around a small, pixel-thin creature in the palm of our hand.

Hatchi promises to match the experience of our very first virtual pet with its new app. You’ll need to feed, clean, play with, and read to your pet to make sure it’s as happy as it can be. Depending on the way you look after it, the retro virtual pet will grow into different forms.

Being good little caretakers, our first pet made it to stage two before it died (who knew just how much that little guy needed to eat!)

Portable Pixels Ltd. appeals to the child in us all with this marvellous app – it mimics the appearance of a retro keychain pet and, what’s more, you can even connect to Game Centre to gain achievements for your hard work.
No one said being a parent was easy, and it’s not a decision you should take lightly. The developers know just how important your pet is to you, and they’ve promised further updates such as more pet evolutions, minigames, and the ability to connect with your friends pet.

In little over a week, I’ve developed a rather strange paternal bond with the little thing (I called it Berry), and I’m determined to keep his happiness levels as high as possible.

For he time being, I think this app deserves a very solid four stars – it would be nice to see some of the features promised introduced, particularly the minigames and connecting with friends.


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