Flixster – the ultimate app for movie lovers

Flixster – the ultimate app for movie lovers


Developed by Jeffrey Grossman – £ Free

With various different apps claiming to offer the very best information in the film industry – none quite rival Flixster in my favourites list. With the ability to watch hundreds of movie trailers, find show times at your local cinemas, access critic reviews and share movie ratings – there simply isn’t a better app around. Having been through a tried and tested process with its competition, it just gets top marks for efficiency and speed – two things that I believe are vital in any iPhone app and despite being an American based app – it functions very well in the UK.

As a keen movie-goer, the ability to see which films are currently dominating the Box Office, and those which are destined to be hits in the forthcoming months, provides a valuable insight into the industry. For example, only a few weeks ago I came across exclusive photos from the new Captain America and Thor movies set for release next year. However, the greatest aspect of the app is that it automatically locates your nearest cinemas and has all show times just a click away ready for you to make that all important decision in a matter of minutes. It even offers to complete your evening by locating restaurants and nightlife nearby to your chosen cinema.

The app also caters for the DVD arena by having a specialised area which provides detailed information on new releases and those coming soon. With hundreds of trailers on offer, what was once a difficult and time-consuming decision on what film to watch on your weekly DVD night is made simple. A few taps here and there, and a few trailers later – all that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy a choice well made.



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