Find Your Virtual Treasure With Free Online Slots Game Treasure Voyage By...

Find Your Virtual Treasure With Free Online Slots Game Treasure Voyage By Empire City Online Casino



As far as celebrity crushes go, Johnny Depp is up there for me. This has never been more true than in his portrayal of Jack Sparrow for the movie epic, Pirates of The Caribbean. Captain Jack is a sultry, cunning man who’s not afraid to wear eyeliner and has an unquenchable thirst for freedom. Although intended to be a children’s series, part of me wishes Mills and Boon got hold of the idea first. That’s why my new favourite free slots app Treasure Voyage by Empire City Casino is so up my alley. It manages to combine two of my greatest loves: sexy pirates and the adult world of online gambling.

The nautical graphics help to set the scene with the reels set atop a fog covered deck, laden with thick, seaweedy ropes and roaring waves in the background. The symbols range from killer whales and tropical fish to parrots and Nine-Ace characters. The only slight drawback for me was the generic casino noises. In the right sort of game I think this feature can be real boon but as far as my pirate fantasies are concerned I was hoping for a little more Treasure Island and a lot less Hen Do in Atlantic City.

Keep your eye out for the dashing captain as he ensures that you win a decent payout when he’s involved. The compass symbol acts as the scatter and you’ll need to score three of these puppies to trigger a free spin or bonus round. If lady luck is on your side and the three compasses turn up then you’ll be awarded 12 free spins in which the captain can appear at any time and nudge the other symbols down to release an all wild reel!

If you require any tech support then you can get in touch with the friendly team of online customer service providers that are more than willing to steer you in the right direction. If you need to top up your credits then you can use the secure online in-app purchase feature without worrying about anyone getting a hold of your buried treasure.

So as I eagerly await the arrival of the next POTC chapter, I’m more than happy whiling away my time, fingers crossed, waiting for another glimpse of my sea hardy captain informing me of my next big win.

If you fancy a shot at your own buried treasure in the form of virtual credits and longer gaming hours then download this free app from the App Store today!


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