Dig Deep And Help Swampy Get Clean In Puzzle App Where’s My...

Dig Deep And Help Swampy Get Clean In Puzzle App Where’s My Water By Creature Feep


If I’ve had a rough day, there’s nothing better to bring myself back to feeling human again then a good honest shower. Once that steam rises and I’ve started singing a rendition of ‘I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair’, it’s like hitting a reset button. That’s why I can sympathise with and am particularly fond of Swampy, the alligator who just wants to be clean in Where’s My Water, the fun and challenging puzzle game developed by Creature Feep and published by Disney.

If you can get past the excessive (in my opinion) advertisements and pop-ups then you’ll find a charming game for all ages with colourful graphics and a simple concept – guide water past a range of obstacles so old mate Swampy can have a good, hard scrub!

Each level grows more challenging than the last and will require speed, puzzle solving abilities and just a touch of physics knowledge if you would like to collect all the ducks to fully complete the game. You’ll find yourself digging through mud to guide fresh water past toxic waste, mines and some sort of algal bloom before it reaches the spout of Swampy’s shower – just remember, every drop counts!

In the free version you’ll find 3 levels and 15+ puzzles featuring Swampy the alligator. If that’s not enough, then you can snap up the full version and play another 500 confounding and challenging levels including a whole range of other characters including Allie (see what they did there?), Cranky, Mystery Duck and more.

This game is good fun for the whole family, they’re not necessarily inventing anything new, but I doubt they’re trying to. It’s challenging enough to engage people of all ages and the fun graphics keep it light and easy on the eye. It’s a great app for little ones as it’ll test their problem solving abilities and offers an amusing way to kill some time for us older folk.

If you’d like to help Swampy feel ‘human’ again paddle on over to Google Play to download your free trial today!


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