Cafeteria Nipponica: A Restaurant Sim With A Twist

Cafeteria Nipponica: A Restaurant Sim With A Twist


Cafeteria Nipponica iPhone App Review

Kairofosft returns yet again, and this time the masters of sim have got us running a restaurant.

I like kairosoft, ok I’m some what of a kairosoft fan…alright you got me, I own every game kairosoft has every made for an idevice. So you can just imagine my glee when I heard about a new game, but what’s left for kairosoft to discover? The world of running a restaurant of course!

I’m gonna say it now before I get carried away; sadly Cafeteria Nipponica (or Cafe Nippon as it is also called) is not one of kairosofts best games. It lacks the continual buzz of mega mall story and the in depth addictiveness of the mighty, mighty game dev story.

However, after releasing a few titles in a row that were all city build games (and were all a little too similar for some), kairosoft has come out with a game that may not be totally unique, but has got it’s own twist on the genre.

In Cafe Nippon it is your job to build up your restaurant, make your customers satisfied and get the town talking about you (diner dash anyone?). A different element is added into this game though – you have to discover new items to create dishes. This element is reminiscent of other kairosoft releases which require the user to hunt for treasure to find new items, and it works really well in Cafe Nippon.

As well as getting to discover and create new dishes, the player can train up staff in different fields of expertise and rearrange their cafe to please different types of customers.

The menu screens and layouts are the same as all other kairosoft games and are very easy to navigate, especially if you’ve played a kairosoft game before.

There does seem to be a bit more ‘waiting around’ in Cafe Nippon, which can sometimes be a bit frustrating if you’re looking to have a quick 5 minute gaming blast, but overall cafe Nippon is another kairosoft gem that any fan of the series will enjoy.

Pros: anyone who likes sims or restaurant management games will enjoy this, easy menus and controls

Cons: this game has a bit too much ‘waiting around’ time which may annoy some players.


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