App Review: Clashot Makes it Easy to Publish, Share, and Sell Your...

App Review: Clashot Makes it Easy to Publish, Share, and Sell Your iPhone Photos




Clashot is a free iPhone app that allows you to share your pictures through a unique social network of photographers and enthusiasts. Unlike other popular iPhone photo apps such as Instagram, Clashot also gives you the option of selling your photos to other users and media buyers. As such, it’s a great resource for both amateur and professional photographers who are looking to share and monetize their photography. After all, capturing great images is an art form: why give your work away for free when you can use Clashot to turn pro?

Using Clashot:

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The Clashot interface is simple and easy to navigate, offering all of the familiar options you find on other free iPhone photo apps. Once you sign up, Clashot gives you a customizable user profile through which other users can browse and purchase your work. The navigation bar also includes a public feed that streams other users’ photos by date or popularity, making it easy to browse the work of your peers.

To customize your photo stream, Clashot offers a few options. The app includes a built-in camera so you can capture images on the fly and upload them directly to the photo feed. You also have the option to upload pictures from your iPhone library, allowing you to apply post-processing effects and edits before you add them to your profile.

Additionally, Clashot gives you the option of creating thematic photo reports. This way you can create unique portfolios for special events or organize your images by parameters such as style, date, or location, making it easy for potential media buyers to browse your images and purchase all of the photos that are relevant to their needs.


  • Easily upload, organize and share your photography
  • Monetize your photos by selling them to newspapers, magazines and other media buyers
  • Crosspost your images to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Photo feed lets you browse public images and interact with other photographers


  • No option for custom photo filters
  • Some users report stability issues

The Verdict:
Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, Clashot is a great app to add to your iPhone repertoire. It offers all of the social features you find on other free photo apps such as Instagram, with the added benefit of conveniently selling your photos, allowing you to turn pro with a single click. For more information, visit the website.

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