Add A Second Phone Number To Your Smartphone for life! For $25

Add A Second Phone Number To Your Smartphone for life! For $25


Hushed is offering Fanappic users an exclusive Disposable Burner Phone Number for only $25.00 after coupon code: “FANAPPIC25“. You can add the second phone number to your existing smartphone without purchasing a new device or swapping SIMS. You can also easily access the number from another cell phone. 

  • Choose numbers from 100’s of area codes in over 40 countries
  • Free 500 min + 1100 SMS every year for life (Lifetime plan applicable when choosing  US/CAN #’s)
  • Hushed number never expires (can be changed once a year)
  • Call forwarding + voice mail service
  • Requires only an email for immediate use
  • Lightweight alternative to Google Voice

Other Features:

  • Add a second phone number to your iOS or Android Phone.
  • Send and receive phone calls and text messages to your private Hushed number without purchasing a secondary device.
  • Hushed messaging allows you to send destructible messages & pictures to fellow Hushed users
  • Your Hushed Account can be accessed on different cell phones.


This is a great way of never giving out your real phone number when you want to protect your privacy like in House of Cards. Protect your identity when you sell on Craigslist, have a blind date, or just don’t want to give your your real number. Try the Hushed App for only $25 for lifetime.