7 Best Apps to Hide your Private Photos!

7 Best Apps to Hide your Private Photos!



We don’t know about you, but a lot of celebs (and a few regular people) take nude selfies with their iPhone. There is nothing wrong with this, however, keeping them inside the phone memory can be a bit risky and become worse in case you share them with relatives by mistake. Maintain your dignity with these seven featured apps that keep your all private stuff safe inside your iPhone.


  1. Private Photo Vault


This app is available for iOS devices and allows you to import photos inside the albums that will be accessible by entering the correct PIN lock code. Besides this lock protection, there are other two features supported by Private Photo Vault- break in report and decoy password.

Under these features, in case a person makes attempt to open the app, it will take a snap of the person secretly and log his GPS location to help you in recognizing the person who was trying to access your private data in the album. iPhone users can install this app for free.


2. Gallery Lock lite


It is different from other applications, Gallery Lock Lite allows you put the app icon invisible or at Stealth mode that makes it disappear on your smartphone. When you enable this feature, you can access the app while typing your password in an asterisk, and pressing ‘call.’ Just like Private Photo vault, this app also catches a photo of the person with front face camera but only when he failed thrice times to attempt password.

The free version of this app allows you to keep limited photos inside and also displays ads. Its Pro version is available for $4.25 in the Google play store. This can be installed in Android devices.


3. Best Secret Folder


On a secret note, if you don’t wish to disclose anyone that your smartphone has a privacy app, you better install Best Secret Folder. The icon is disguised as “My utilities” and hence nobody will be able to guess that your phone has any private stuff.


Access the app à Set Password à Save password in mail

Saving password is important as the app doesn’t have reset password feature. You can export your images to the email, dropbox, cloud, Google drive, etc. ‘Get it for free’ for your iOS devices from Apple store.


4. KeepSafe


If you don’t want complex applications and wish to secure your stuff with basic password protection, Keepsafe can be the best app solution that you can install in both iOS and Android devices. For more features like- fake PINs, customized passwords for each album, break-in-alerts, you can upgrade its premium version.




Don’t get confused when you install KYMS and see ‘calculator’ icon.

While launching this app, you will notice fully functional calculator. To access this app, you need to enter the password (4 digit PIN number) and the equal sign. Besides photos, you can also hide all your PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word Documents, text files, and powerpoint presentations.

You can also import data from your computer, web, camera roll, etc. via KYMS. The app also supports Wifi and available for iOS devices.


  1. Vaulty


Vaulty doesn’t only provide security for your private selfies, videos, and clicks, but also enables you to edit them, sort and filter the files and create numerous vaults with unique passwords. It also has ‘mugshot’ feature in which it snaps the person who enters wrong password.

In case you lost your phone, and have a subscription with Vaulty app, you can simply restore the app and recover all your private data in any of your Android device.


7. PhotoVault


This app is completely different from all of the above mentioned applications. This app supports public and private galleries. You need to enter password to access Private gallery; however, Public gallery is accessible to everyone on your phone. It is available for Android devices and will cost you $1.50.


So, next time when you click any sizzling selfie, don’t forget to seal and conceal it with such security apps.

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