5 Best iOS And Android Apps To Learn Guitar

5 Best iOS And Android Apps To Learn Guitar


Any guitarist will tell you that playing the classic, acoustic or electric guitar is not the same thing; with developing the digital technology, it is easy to find exactly those apps that contain all possible options for learning each instrument. If you want to learn to play guitar as quickly as possible then read this top 5 list of the best apps to learn guitar.

  1.    Learn Guitar Chords


This one has some good, practical ideas about basic guitar lessons. It has limited chords but overall it does a great job in giving some fast first lessons.

If you learn to play some cheap acoustic electric guitar under $300, this application is a perfect choice. It uses clear language and is very realistic; it’s a perfect for kids and the younger generation of future guitar players.


  •    Play and quickly learn chords
  •    Very authentic electric and acoustic sounds
  •    For total beginners and more experienced intermediates
  •    Features some of the most known guitar chords
  •    Easy to use!


  •    Limited chords
  1.    Guitar Beginner Notes Free


Guitar Beginner Notes Free is really great for a smooth learning curve following the most basic sounds that you need to hear from an electric or acoustic guitar. As a complete beginner, you will find this one helpful and simple. Also, there are many cool features that can improve your knowledge about the guitar.

Music theory lessons and learning how to hold guitar are only some of the useful features here. You should be truly thrilled at a large number of well-known songs that is here.


  •    First guitar choice advice
  •    Guitar parts
  •    Guitar tuning lesson
  •    Music theory lessons
  •    Learns about guitar holding


  •    Some chords are limited

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  1.    Guitar Made Easy


Guitar Made Easy works just fine for beginners, as you can teach yourself how to easily play the instrument. It is worth mentioning that it has some good videos with informative captions. 


  •    Fine video demonstrations (Step-by-step)
  •    Precise lessons for electric and acoustic guitar
  •    Over 30 various songs and exercises
  •    Very easy instructions following
  •    Covers some alternate tunings and stringing


  •    Inability to completely navigate through the app’s videos 
  1.    Perfect Guitar


This is a very effective guitar app. With this you can truly come up with fine chord transitions and many different scales and over 450 various chords. It also poses some very adaptable customization options.

For music production, you will be able to smoothly sample it into any kind of music software and insert some fine melodies into your own songs. 


  •    Top-quality sound
  •    Various types of guitar
  •    450 chords
  •    Various interesting playing modes
  •    Flexible customization options


  •    Slight issues in setting up some custom scales
  1. Learn Guitar


If you got a brand new electric guitar as a beginner, Learn Guitar application is the right choice for you; to be honest, even if you got a top acoustic guitar under $1000, it should be adequate. Receive valuable stages and lessons that will quickly improve your playing within just a few weeks. There is a huge amount of lessons that can help beginners and also more advanced guitar players, and you will be pleased with the HD quality of the lessons.


  •    Useful lessons
  •    Great sound
  •    Easy for use
  •    HD Video quality of the lessons
  •    Very intuitive and nice app layout


  •    Better for intermediate players than for beginners



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