20 Beautiful Nature Wallpapers for iPhone

20 Beautiful Nature Wallpapers for iPhone


landscape wallpaper

A few weeks ago I set myself the task to go and search some really good wallpaper sites and create my favourite selection. Then I shared the wallpapers with the Appcafe team and put it to vote to create the ultimate top 100 pick covering as many different styles as possible. But then as the list was getting longer and longer I thought why not breaking it into categories? So to kick off the series I am going to share with you the top 20 best nature wallpapers I could find! A list of really beautiful nature and landscape wallpapers for some moral boosting effect and to bring a bit of colour and variation to your iPhone. Let me know what you think about these. Personally I am an outdoor type of person and I love the calming and peaceful effect a good nature or landscape photo can have.

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20 magnificent nature wallpapers

nature wallpape leavs nature wallpaper birds
nature wallpaper leaves nature wallpaper flower
nature wallpaper water nature wallpaper automn
nature wallpaper flower landscape wallpaper sea
nature wallpaper flower nature wallpaper flower
nature wallpaper mountain nature wallpaper flower
nature wallpaper 13 landscape wallpaper winter
landscape wallpaper sunset landscape wallpaper cave
landscape wallpaper mountain landscape wallpaper
landscape wallpaper beach landscape wallpaper


  1. i wonder if they used the wallpapers hd app for this! Just download that app and youll see the beautiful wall papers they have.

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