Words of Wonder – coming soon to iPad and Android tablets

Words of Wonder – coming soon to iPad and Android tablets



Words of Wonder is a new game that combines word play with a unique story line. The colors in the Words of Wonder book have been stolen by an evil curse that left the world in grey. Your job is to bring back color to the land, and you do this by traveling around and spelling words. If you enjoy word games, you’re sure to like this one.

Disney has recently announced that it will bring Words of Wonder to Android and iOS devices. This Facebook wonder game that’s more like a Candy Crush game, only with words, is absolutely mind-blowing. The brand new app will be taking the Facebook powered experience to mobile devices and tablets.


The basics of game play are simple, and the game introduces more variety at regular intervals. You use your mouse to connect letters from a grid-style board, and put them together to make words that are 3 to 8 letters long. On every level, you have a set number of moves available to reach the objective. Bigger words mean bigger bonuses, with special combo bonuses and cross-clearing tiles, which multiply your score and get things moving. If you have extra moves left over on a level, bomb tiles appear which boost your score even higher.

Visuals and graphics

The game has a beautiful map of your world, which covers several fantastic environments, complete with wavy sand dunes, a fairyland castle, and a deep and scary ocean.  Every time you complete a level, a little bit of the map is painted in.  There are currently 75 levels to play, and the company has promised more to come in future releases.

Most levels of the game do not have a set time limit. You can take your time and think about what words to use, which gives the game a relaxing pace. Combined with the calming soundtrack, and the serene cartoon-like visuals, it is a friendly atmosphere, that lets you take it easy as you play. There are social aspects to the game, but this is currently limited to sending free energy or free gifts to your Facebook friends.


The Levels

As you move through the levels, you will find a few different types of puzzles. At the beginning, you can spell any words that you can think of. After that, you’ll have challenges where you need to incorporate specific tiles in your words, with more rigid board layouts. When you get stuck, there is an owl that acts as your mentor, who can give you power-ups to get you back on your way. A shuffle boost rearranges the entire board, a hammer boost can clear a specific tile, and other boosts give you additional moves.

Kids will love Words of Wonder due to the Disney story telling approach. They will have to pursue a storybook universe and use words to reinstate animation and color. The Android and iOS versions of the game will have 70 levels, and they will feature periodic updates too. What’s great about this game is that you can play it on Facebook too; and if you get bored, switch to mobile.

WoW Google Play featuring

The Disney aesthetic is certainly appealing, and the new abilities and power-ups will certainly keep little ones engaged. Basically, if your kids won’t like the Facebook version, they can easily download the app from the online marketplace and play. The game is a free-to-play Facebook game. In-app purchases are available to speed things up or get more power-ups.

Normally, you use 10 energy points for each level, and it takes 5 minutes to recharge one energy point. If you want to play through more levels faster, you can buy 10 energy points for one gold bar, and 10 gold bars cost just $1. At those prices, you can afford to keep playing into the night, without worrying about racking up the costs. You can also purchase power-ups, but these are significantly more expensive, and you’ll want to consider those purchases carefully.

All in all, Words of Wonder is an enjoyable Facebook game, with a well-designed free-to-play model. Word game enthusiasts and bookworm kids will surely find it addictive.


This is a guest post by Jason Phillips and Airplane Games 365!

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