Why a WordPress Site is Still Better Than Social Media

Why a WordPress Site is Still Better Than Social Media


With the rise of social media, do you still need a website? Maybe the idea of starting a blog just seems so 2000. However, there are still plenty of reasons to use WordPress to build a site whether you are advertising a business or simply hoping to keep a small circle of friends and family updated.

More Reach

Although it can sometimes be hard to believe, not everyone uses social media. Furthermore, among those who do, everyone has different preferred platforms. If you want to share your business or your thoughts with as many people as possible, you need a site that is independent of social media. You can still use those platforms to communicate with people and to point them to your site, but no one will have to be a member or savvy about navigating any one type of social media in order to find the information they want.

Your Own Content

There’s been a lot of controversy on some social media platforms about who owns what you post there, and in most cases, if it came down to it, if the content would still be considered yours. Some of those sites even allow you to download at least some of what you have put there. However, your account could be hacked or shut down at any time, leaving you with no access or recourse. Not only that, but social media sites come and go. Think about the ones that were most popular 15 years ago and where they are now. With a WordPress site, you can feel confident that the content writing material there only belongs to you. You can even use your own domain name in conjunction with WordPress.

You Can Still Make Money

While some of the hype of the early 2000’s about new online media may have been overblown, it’s still possible to make money from your website. How much money that is depends on how much effort you want to put into it. It might take a few years to build up something that pays you a full-time salary, but some bloggers do still achieve this through a combination of affiliate links, eBooks and eCourses, premium content that is only available through subscribers and more. On the other hand, your monetary ambitions might be much smaller. For example, if you’re like many people, you may be looking to take out student loans to pay for your college education. Maybe you’d like to generate a few hundred dollars of passive income each month to pay for that after you graduate, or another recurring bill. With some research and work, you can achieve this with your WordPress blog.

Better Archiving and Privacy

Have you ever tried scrolling back through any of your social media accounts? Let’s face it, many of them are not well-designed for reminiscing. If you want a record somewhere of your travels or your child’s first year of life, a WordPress blog is a superior choice. Furthermore, if you want to set up a site that can only be seen by a few, such as family members, it’s easy to make it private and password-protected.


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