Why App Landing Pages Are So Important

Why App Landing Pages Are So Important



The page of a website that somebody first lands on after clicking an offsite link is referred to as a landing page.  App landing pages are highly targeted pages aimed at converting a certain group of visitors of a mobile App Store into customers; this will happen, provided that it is built effectively.   

Optimizing and using app landing pages to promote your mobile products will lead to higher conversion rates and therefore a lot more more business coming your way, no matter whether the aim of your website is to generate phone calls, leads, sell products, etc.  The myth that all of the incoming traffic will be directed to the homepage of your mobile app store is one of the biggest fallacies about websites.

Just visualize what would happen in a situation where all of the traffic of New York City, irrespective of the destination of each vehicle, is compelled to drive through Times Square, the hub of New York City. Many drivers won’t bother to go at all, after having a glimpse of the mess ahead.   Others would give up before getting to where they actually want to go.  This scenario is no difference to traffic coming to your website (just less fumes!).

In order to link their landing pages as well as describing their app in the best way possible, app landing pages are imperative to smart marketers and are significant aspects of online marketing.  App landing pages provide a quick and visually attractive overview of your app for potential users.  If a landing page is properly formatted, it should be visually-driven with negligible text.  It is intended to inform users about the rationale behind your mobile app, stimulate them regarding the upcoming launch of your app and direct them to the app store where they will have the opportunity of downloading it.

What Constitutes Good App Landing Pages

Constant Messaging

A landing page must be related to the ad campaigns that are sending visitors to visit it.  A high-quality landing page directly reflects the messaging from the ad’s text.  Users want a page that mirrors any offer in the ads; having hidden offers regarding landing page price inconsistencies as well as mixed messaging can be puzzling and will cause low conversion rates, high bounce rates and wasted ads.

Clear Calls-to-action

Visitors should understand what your site wants to do, pretty much immediately.  However, they will tend to navigate down the right conversion path, if your landing page is effectively designed. It is a good idea to re-evaluate your calls-to-action as well as their placement on the site, if it takes visitors more time than necessary to figure things out.

App landing pages are imperative for the effective promotion of your mobile product in mobile app stores. It will increase sales, offer ample opportunity to give detailed description of your mobile app as well as help to convert a certain group of visitors into customers.  However, to achieve all these, they must be built correctly.

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