TSC Music: The App That Re-Trains Your Ears!

TSC Music: The App That Re-Trains Your Ears!


Over one billion individuals worldwide are at risk of developing premature hearing loss, with 48 million sufferers in the US alone claiming that they’ve experienced some level of hearing loss in at least one ear. The World Health Organisation (WHO) have claimed that 90% of premature hearing loss cases in teenagers and young adults can be traced back to overexposure to loud sounds, often caused by listening to various audio devices with headphones and earplugs. Following this, they’ve urged that pediatricians advise their patients to either severely cut back on audio listening using these products or simply give them up all together. This will come at a huge blow to most as music plays such an intrinsic role in so many of our lives and ear- and headphones are necessary for use when not indoors. TSC Music, released by Earlogic, is a music platform app that aims to assess a user’s hearing capabilities by way of a quick, self-administered hearing test which covers five different frequencies.

It then uses that data to offer a customized listening experience that is tailored to that individual hearing condition. This is meant to result in a clearer, more enjoyable listening experience for the user as well as a way to monitor the user’s hearing capabilities over time and track whether any degeneration has occurred. Further than this, the app also claims that by emitting just-audible sound tests to the user whilst they’re listening to music or videos that they can actually train the ear in the hope of actually regaining some of the loss.

TSC Music is free to download from the App Store but it requires iOS 9.0 or later to run. The app is compatible with most iOS devices and is available in multiple languages. It allows users to listen to their favorite songs from either their device or from other music streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud. The apps interface is bright and easy to use and all collated data is available to look at in an interactive graphical chart, similar to that of Fitbit.

If you suffer from hearing loss or worried that you might then download TSC Music for free from the App Store and start your personalized ear-training today!


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