Try out Windows 8 on your iPad!

Try out Windows 8 on your iPad!


Curious about all the hype surrounding the new version of Windows on a tablet but are already committed to an iPad? Well a new app from the desktop streaming developer Splashtop aims to let you give it a try anyway. Now it isn’t perfect or cheap, and it does require a Windows 8 PC running somewhere on your local Wi-Fi connection, but the new Win8 Metro testbed app can then mimic all the gestures and touch based functionality of an actual Windows 8 tablet. The app is available now  for an introductory price of $29.99 so if you are interested grab it now before the price shoots up to $39.99.

Once you download the app to your iPad just install the streamer software on your Windows 8 PC then launch the app on your iPad. The app will scan your local Wi-Fi access point for a Windows 8 PC and should connect automatically. If all of this sounds like your cup of tea check out a video demonstration before you get started.


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