The Top Online Therapy Services of 2019

The Top Online Therapy Services of 2019


Are you someone who has a family member suffering from some kind of mental health disorder like anxiety attacks or depression, and yet you’re confused about which online therapy services to use? If so, don’t worry as we will give you a list of the top 5 services that have helped millions worldwide. Getting therapy is a big step in improving your mental state. The problem is there are more than two dozen therapy services on the market. Make sure you choose wisely. That said, let’s check out the list of the largest and most well-known companies today.

#1: BetterHelp Online Counseling & Therapy

BetterHelp is likely the largest company out there. In addition to working with over 2,500 licensed therapists, they boast a 256-bit SSL encryption and are HIPAA compliant. You can be rest assured that your personal details that you share with their platform will remain secure 24/7. If you don’t have someone to discuss your mental thoughts and feelings with, BetterHelp is certainly the best place to be. They offer you a client-based therapy sans judgment and stigma, and hence this is likely one of the best choices for you.

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#2: TalkSpace Online Therapy

When it comes to exposure in general, there is no larger brand than Talkspace. While Betterhelp may service more people, even they are likely envious at the sheer amount of exposure, both online and offline, Talkspace receives. As for their platform: all sorts of conversations that a client has with his/her therapist are stored in a secured chatroom. If you wish to change counselors, simply write in and request a new one. The evaluation worksheets provided by the therapist might seem a little bit irritating, but try to stick with it. Many people have given positive feedback regarding the effectiveness of their Talkspace therapist, most of whom use these worksheets. The professionalism of the therapists is something that should motivate you to participate.

#3: Tony Robbins Training Programs

Once you visit Tony Robbins’ blog, you will find a wide array of video materials and articles from which get to know his core ideas, his beliefs and his strategies before starting off with his program. This is totally online and they don’t have any traditional counterpart. If you’re someone who wishes to learn self-management techniques and the basics of entrepreneurship, Tony Robbins is certainly the best leader for you.

#4: Regain Individual and Couples Counseling

Regain is the premier brand for couples counselling. Their platform is set up very similar to Betterhelp and Talkspace. Their only con is that they don’t support 3-way video sessions. They have individual counselling sessions as well as couple’s counselling sessions. That’s right – apparently many “couples counselling” sessions start with only one partner partaking in therapy. ReGain has a user-friendly interface, qualified and knowledgeable staff, and reasonable pricing for couples counselling.

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Besides providing online therapy, each and every client of this platform also receives access to meditation and yoga programs so that they can calm their minds and boost their progress. The downside is that they don’t support live video sessions. Through regular physical health and mental health consultations, Online-therapy assists its users in the best possible way.

Keep in mind that the above list is highly subjective. However, all of the companies listed here are in fact the largest brands in the industry. The important thing is to conduct your own research prior to joining any one of these platforms. Online therapy can help, however therapy in it of itself is a big step. So, make sure you choose the right company for your specific needs.


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