Top Five Hottest Apps This Week

Top Five Hottest Apps This Week


Investment Pro Stock Picks iPhone App Review

It has been an utterly cold week this and it’s certainly a relief to know that we have so many things we can do inside the comforts of our homes while the weather is taking its toll on us. Over the past week, we have gathered five hottest apps that made it in everyone’s hearts based on highest star ratings. Here they are:

Leds Defender: Neon Memory Invaders Leds Defender - Florent POISSON

Leds Defender is a refreshing take on two very overpopulated genres. It takes the ever-classic Space Invaders and combines it with a pattern memory game; it even throws in a bit of neon glamour as well! You must defend your base against waves of glowing-LED enemies, but instead of the usual turret builder, you take the role of a hacker, who has to put in the right codes to blow each oncoming baddie up. To do this, you’re played a pattern on the screen which you then have to repeat back in the correct order, if successful…and you win! And this is all for FREE!

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CloudMagic: Makes Finding Emails A Simple Task CloudMagic - Exchange, Gmail and Twitter Search - CloudMagic

What CloudMagic does is simple, it allows you to search through all your emails by keyword. Just start typing, and any emails with that word will be brought up. So if you were to type in “iPhone”, all emails that have iPhone written in them will appear. But that’s not all it indexes. In addition to Gmail, it will also search your Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Twitter, Google Apps, Docs, Contacts, and Calendar. And all this is accessible through their iOS and Android apps, or through their Chrome, Firefox, or Safari extensions. So no matter where you are, CloudMagic will be there for you. On a more advanced note, CloudMagic offers some pretty sweet features once you find the article you were looking for.

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Movie Quotes Hangman: Are You a Film Buff? Movie Quotes Hangman - Red Sparrow Design

For a very simple game, this app is incredibly addictive; everyone fancies themselves as a bit of a movie expert and it is so satisfying to get the right quote; plus, you get the chance to save Tarantino’s life, which is great as I hear that he is working on a new Western with Leonardo Di Caprio and Samuel L. Jackson…he can’t hang before that’s released! The black and white backdrop is pretty cool, especially Tarantino’s huge, terrified white eyes that go black if you get one too many wrong answers. With 50 rounds to get through in the full game, it’s not an easy winner so it keeps you hooked!

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Erlang Calculator: Professional Calculator for use in IT and telecommunications ErlangCalc - Erlang Calculator - WahSoft LLC

The Erlang Calculator is a useful download for professionals and students within the IT and telecommunications industry. The app contains a user friendly and clear layout, allowing users to easily input their figures and generate the necessary graphs and statistics. It is a very comprehensive and specialized application that would only need to be used within the IT and telecommunications capacity.

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Investment Pro Stock Picks: Real Stock Advice from the Experts! Investment Pro Stock Picks - Marketing Design Solutions

The app collects real, daily stock picks from expert portfolio managers, who are based around the world. This keeps potential and current investors updated and in the know! Insider buying and selling reports are presented, along with market news and valuable research. Investor education articles are regularly updated giving users ample, reliable and trusted advice. The app is very user friendly, straightforward and interactive. The layout of the home page gives clear advice on which stocks are worth buying or dismissing, which are also colour-coded in red and green, making them stand out. The social media tab is also a great feature, allowing users to share this valuable and insightful information with colleagues, friends and family. Users can also search an archive of past stock picks, allowing them to follow trends and patterns in investments. This app is also great value for money, as the benefits of knowing this vital expert information could lead to great financial investments!

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  2. Great post with the list of top 5 Apps of this week. It is really interesting to know about the top apps as they may be help to anyone.

  3. Investment Pro Stock Picks is an uncovered gem. Good find! It made me some money already – thanks to the portfolio managers’ advice.


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