Top Casino Companies with Impressive Social Media Presence

Top Casino Companies with Impressive Social Media Presence


The invention of the internet has led to social change in many spheres of business. For instance, it has resulted in the emergence of social media networks that have reduced the world into a global village. As many people continue having access to reliable internet and shifting towards online living, businesses have been migrating from traditional marketing strategies towards online marketing. Online marketing in the 21st century has been expanding across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, YouTube, and other social media networks.

Gambling has not been left behind with investments in the industry being on the rise in the recent past as many entrepreneurs venture into casinos. The casinos’ managements have been doing all it takes to keep the industry relevant such as adopting various social media marketing platforms and maintaining a presence on social networks. Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through the various social media sites. The traffic created is aimed at ensuring that potential customers get to know and appreciate the goods and services on offer and get convinced to purchase them.

Reasons for increasing social media campaigns by casinos:

Target audience

When planning to use social media marketing, it is rewarding to have a look into your customers‘ and potential customers’ social media platform. For instance, the use of well-known and commonly used social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram would have more coverage compared to new sites.


Marketing requires high standards of efficiency to ensure that it is accessible to a wide range of potential customers. Social media sites that provide up to date details of their casino gaming services are also more productive than those who don’t.


Social media marketing is useful when the platform used by the marketer creates a wider coverage and can reach potential gamers.


Cost effectiveness

Social media marketing is a relatively cheaper option for marketers compared to advertisements placed in the mainstream media. Besides being cheaper, social media platforms allow marketers to reach a wider audience than television, newspapers, and radio.


Top six casinos with impressive social media campaigns:


The company has over 5.4 monthly active users and is arguably one of the most efficient casinos when it comes to pushing social media campaigns. The firm offers more slots to gamblers, and it has a heavy presence on Facebook. Players who sign up with Slotomania are offered free coins, and one can choose his or her favorite slots to play right away on Facebook. The popularity comes from the phenomenal rise of real money slot games, such as the wildly popular mega moolah, a game developed by Microgaming which owes much of its success to the lucrative jackpots on offer (which many have won in the past).


Zynga is another one of the casinos with an impressive social media presence, and it’s well-known for its gaming services on Facebook. Zynga’s most common Facebook game is FarmVille, but it also offers Zynga Poker, king kong slots, Zynga Poker Classic, and Wizard of Oz Slots.


This is a social gambling house that attracts nearly 5 million active users monthly on Facebook. They offer free slots, free bingo, free poker, free video poker, and free blackjack casinos on Facebook.

Big Fish

The house offers lots of Big Fish games on Facebook. It also offers craps, slots, blackjack, and roulette games for customers to choose from. Besides enjoying free daily games and Big Fish Promo codes, new customers also receive up to 100,000 free bonus chips, free spins, bonus games, and unbelievable jackpots.

Slots Village

Arguably the best company for all table games as it offers a wide variety. The facility has an easy and secure banking for its players and bonuses that make it a favorite among gamblers who have a passion for table games.


Exclusively available to US players with various bonuses and no bank transfer fees. The house offers a variety of games to its subscribers with the most popular being Rival, RTG, and Betsoft with a high-quality 3D display. Bovada also offers an exclusive game known as 3D Virtual Sports Book and Jackpot Sudoku games.

Advantages of impressive social media campaigns for Casinos

Increased customer base

Casinos have the potential to appeal to potential online customers with a massive social media presence. This move is likely to ensure that the casinos continue increasing the number of gamblers using their service.

Increased customer loyalty

Social media has the potential to appeal to consumers of casino services if such casinos have a bigger presence online. Customers tend to trust business people who ensure openness in their activities hence leading to customer loyalty.

Diversification of services

Online gaming has been increasing rapidly; hence casinos need to make sure that they can diversify their services. Social media plays a role when launching new games for customers to play tutorials. Social media also provides a larger platform where casinos can offer their services without having to incur big costs to engage customers directly.

In conclusion, the presence of casinos on the main social media platforms has been on the rise giving gamblers more options in casino gaming.


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