Top 5 File Management Apps to Keep Your Business Organised

Top 5 File Management Apps to Keep Your Business Organised


Nowadays, it seems that businesses have more paperwork, documents, and electronic files than ever before. It is not difficult for organisation to spiral out of control. However, when this occurs, it prevents your business from performing to optimal level. To ensure productivity does not suffer, it is a good idea to get on top of your business’ organisation by downloading a file management app. Below, we take a look at some of the best.

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  1. FileApp – FileApp does everything you would expect in terms of file organisation, yet it is the unique approach to copying and pasting that makes this app a winner. FileApp comes with a system-wide Pasteboard, which enables you to copy images and texts before you paste them into the app. You will save a lot of time, as new files are saved automatically. There is also a built-in image editor, which is a great feature.

  2. VLC – If you deal with a lot of video and audio files, VLC as an app that is well worth considering. It makes it easy for you to play all of your files with needing to convert them. Not only this, but you will benefit from file synchronisation support for the likes of OneDrive, Dropbox, and other popular services. And, that is without mentioning the extensive support for playlist organising.

  3. FileMaster – If you are looking for an app that is easy to use, FileMaster definitely ticks the box. You can easily move all of your files around. All you need to do is tap on the file to display a popup menu, which will have a number of different options available. This includes the likes of creating folders, copying, pasting, and everything else you could need. Plus, Bluetooth makes it quick and easy for you to share files.

  4. Document 5 – Document 5 is an incredibly versatile application. It makes it easy for you to view all kinds of files, from audio files, to eBooks, to PDF documents. This software is great for managing all of your files, especially because it can be synced with other services, including Dropbox and iCloud. One of the best things about Document 5 is the level of security it provides, which is especially good if you have an address for mail forwarding and the company sends all of your letters via scanned PDFs. Password protection ensures that no one unauthorised gets their hands on your crucial documents.

  5. Dropbox – Last but not least, we have Dropbox, which is a firm favourite with most people across the world. This app, which is free to download, will ensure you do not lose any of your vital business files. It boasts an excellent file management system, which is useful for any business, as it enables you to see all of your files laid out in a convenient manner.

If you need to get organised at your business, download one of the apps mentioned above. You will be able to keep all of your vital documents in one place and ensure they are stored properly.