ToDo Checklist: Organize Your Life With Your iPhone (Sponsored)

ToDo Checklist: Organize Your Life With Your iPhone (Sponsored)


ToDo Checklist iPhone App Review

If you’re anything like me then the idea of not keeping a diary to organize your life causes you to break out in a rash and frantically search for pieces of paper on which to jot down your next week’s schedule, just in case it slips out of your scatterbrain. This is why I’m recommending the app ToDo Checklist, as it is an absolute lifesaver for the absentminded.

With a clear, crisp layout, the app represents a calendar on which you can log everyday tasks and checklists; you can plan every activity down to the minutest detail and sends you reminders through the notification centre as to when these activities are going to arrive. The reminders come in the form of badge notifications so that there’s no way that you’ll miss the activity.

What I really like about the app is that you can add contact information to the tasks so that you can call or email whoever is involved with the task directly from the app; so, if you’re meeting Freddie for lunch but you need to change the venue, you can drop him an email or a call without actually exiting the app.

Another strong feature of the app is that you can rate your tasks due to their level of importance using the ‘Priority’ 5-star level; clothes shopping, for example, may only be of a 3-star importance, whereas that meeting with your boss takes precedent with a 5-star rating.

You can also share tasks and events via email, text or, my favourite, Dropbox, meaning that it doesn’t cost you a penny. Scatterbrains of the world, you need this app!


ToDo Checklist is a very simple way to organise your day-to-day life; it’s perfect for anyone who works freelance and has to schedule a lot of different tasks each day. Two thumbs up from me!


  • The fact that you can create checklists for different purposes so as not to forget any details is impressive.
  • You can easily add, edit or delete any tasks as you complete them.

Room For Improvement

Some integration with social media could be useful, for example, sharing completed tasks on Facebook (impressive ones mind you, not the mundane ones!) or tweeting people who are involved with your activities.

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  1. As a freelance writer, I could see how this app would benefit my life. Organising different writing assignments and emailing editors directly from the app itself makes it very appealing!


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