The Tiny Bang Story HD: Save The World On Your iPad (Sponsored)

The Tiny Bang Story HD: Save The World On Your iPad (Sponsored)


The Tiny Bang Story HD iPad App Review

Anyone who has seen Armageddon will know that the threat of planetary obliteration is no laughing matter and unless Bruce Willis is there in a string vest to save the day. However, it’s not all doom and gloom; even without the Die Hard action man, Tiny Bang Story HD manages to make the best out of a bad situation and creates a fun and engaging game out of a huge disaster.

Basically, everything was peachy on Tiny Planet, right up until a massive meteor struck and the little world fell apart; luckily you are there to restore Tiny Planet to is former glory, helping its natives build a new world amidst the chaos of destruction and debris that the meteor has left.

Anyone else reminded of a hobbit?

You’ll have to solve puzzles and answer clever little brain teasers in order to complete all five chapters of the game; this can stretch your mind in interesting ways, with their styles oscillating between logic and mathematical games to simple but enjoyable click-fest exercises.

The game boasts stunning graphics and although no specific plot line or dialogue is put forward during the game, you can easily use your imagination to dream up a story to match the picturesquely pixelated backdrop; as everything is hand-drawn, there’s a Tim Burton-esque feel to the proceedings and you half expect Jack Skellington to pop up at some point and sing a catchy little number. The soundtrack is also particularly lush and the fact that the developers encourage you to download it from their website displays their confidence in their gift for melody.

Health & Safety would have a field day on Tiny Planet…

As your hunt for the missing jigsaw pieces continues, you have to think of intuitive actions such as building machines to find new clues, as well as encountering interesting little characters who offer helpful hints along your journey. It really is a very entertaining game that will get players of all ages thinking and laughing along the way.


With outstanding graphics and a particularly fun premise, Tiny Bang Story HD is an absolute steal at $2.99; you will become absorbed with the characters and obsessed with your mission to help rebuild this quirky little microcosm. And there’s not a string vest in sight…


  • Superb gameplay and stunning graphics.
  • Engaging interface and genuinely tricky puzzles that will keep you guessing for a long while.
  • You’ll feel a huge sense of achievement once you’ve completed the game; as opposed to just finishing a puzzle or killing some bad guys, you’ve actually saved a planet!

Room For Improvement

It is a fairly short game, so some additional levels would be welcome; however, as there is no time limit, you can take your time in perfecting the ideal game.

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  1. God I love this game! I wish my wife would let me have the iPad more so I could complete it, but she’s always on the damn thing! Might try to sneak in an hour or two tonight…


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