The Nations Most Beloved Sports

The Nations Most Beloved Sports


England is well-know for its fish and chips, pie and mash and of course, our love of all things sports. When it comes to sports, we may not win every medal or trophy but as a nation, we go crazy when it comes to showing our love and supports for our beloved teams and athletes, you could say more so than other countries. There are so many different sports to enjoy, but England has its clear favourites and is evident by the masses of fans that gather to watch, support and get involved each and every day.


No matter where you are in the world, football is the most popular sport with a total fan base of around 4 billion people across the globe and England is not the exception. For many Brits, football is much more than a sport, it is a culture, a religion and has been a tradition in their families to sit and watch the football on a Sunday or go to a game with their parent or grandparents.

The game itself is simple to follow for all and if you wanted to play, you would simply need a ball. The sport enables anybody from any background, race or gender to enjoy a game and mix with people that share their enjoyment of the game.

Horse Racing

When it comes to Horse Racing, England is host to some of the most famous races in the world in which provide spectators with unforgettable experiences and along with having rich histories. Races such as the Grand National attract the attention of around 600 million people from all over the world each year, as well as others like Ascot giving visitors a royal experience from the class of the dress code to the likelihood of a royal being present, all adding to the atmosphere of the spectacular events. Lets also not forget that you can get your free bets on the horses and go home with not just your memories but a nice chunk of change in your pocket.


Both the Rugby Union and Rugby League are greatly enjoyed in England; its popularity is growing around the world and much like Football, it is encouraged by the UK government. Much like other popular sports, England is home to some of the biggest Rugby events such as the World Cup and also to iconic stadiums, such as Twickenham. Rugby is still a sport that is growing its popularity but has a large fan base around the world of around 800 million people and continues to grow as the World Cup becomes more established and teams fight to be a part of the world-class competition. No countries have banned or disapproved of the sport and so it is widely accepted, despite the sport involving contacts and having a rougher reputation that the likes of football, this add to the charm and excitement of the games and gets the crowds roaring in the stadiums and at home.


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