Ten One Design Leaks Another New IPad 3 Feature Early, Pressure Sensitive...

Ten One Design Leaks Another New IPad 3 Feature Early, Pressure Sensitive Stylus Functionality Via Bluetooth


The formal IPad 3 (or HD depending on who you ask) announcement is tomorrow, but some info is already leaking out! We already confirmed the higher resolution Retina Display, and now Ten One Design is showing off its pressure sensitive stylus technology that utilises Bluetooth 4.0. More info and video demonstration after the break.

Being called “Project Blue Tiger” the stylus easily pairs with your IOS devices via bluetooth without any complex pairing process, and then changes the width of the line being drawn entirely by how much pressure is applied to the screen. There are other IPad styluses on the market today, but all of them are rounded edge and lack pressure sensitivity making them difficult to use for art. There is even a small colored LED that matches the color being drawn on the screen. Now this isn’t something you can go out and preorder just yet, as it is still being developed and is pending FCC approval, but even if its a month or so away this is something many IPad owners have been pining for since day one. Video available here





  1. Wow. I had just commented on the retina display article and how disappointed it made me and I was ready to add a comment to this article too saying the same thing. But I read your article and your source and watched the video and I take it back. This is a lot more what I had been expecting form your news articles and am happy and excited to hear about true stylus support coming to the IPad! I’m adding the site back to my RSS feed, I hope to see more REAL NEWS in the future. Thanks for the info! 🙂 Will there be any info on the Android stuff out of MWC in the future?

  2. Thanks Richard. I’m glad you’re enjoy our news coverage. I’m actually working on a best of MWC post right now, but it’ll have to take a back seat to the IPad announcement tomorrow. Still you can expect it by the end of the weekend.


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