Streamified: All Of Your Social Networks In One App (Sponsored)

Streamified: All Of Your Social Networks In One App (Sponsored)


Streamified iPhone App Review

With the phenomenon of social networking creating a multi-billion dollar business, it’s little wonder that so many companies are trying to get in on the act; the only problem is that there are only so many chat windows and page tabs that you can keep open at one time. This is where Streamified comes in, as it allows you to add separate streams for your social networks, including Facebook (and Facebook pages), Twitter, Tumblr (and additional Tumblogs), LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Reader, blogs, and more. Sounds good? It is!

Streamified iPhone App Reviewed
Never again will you have to flick through eight different pages to share the same message!

This app allows you to update your status, capture and edit photos, share links, ‘like’ posts, retweet, reblog, and more from your favorite social networks; you can also get customizable notifications sent directly to your iPhone via the app, which will alert you to anything important that’s happening in your social media worlds. If you prefer to get an all-inclusive round up then simply you can subscribe to daily or weekly notification summary emails.

Streamified iPhone App review
Save your favourite posts for later with the built-in reader functions.

What I particularly like about this app is the journal aesthetic; the app allows you to bookmark certain posts and save them to read or respond to later on, as it supports Instapaper, Readability, and Pocket. You can also post the same message on several different platforms, so if you have a really important thing to shout about then tweet, Facebook and blog about it!


Streamified is an incredibly useful app for anyone who is even the lightest social butterfly when it comes to personal media; you will save time, effort and a hell of a lot of hassle switching between platforms by downloading this free app.


  • All of your social media streams in one place…what more could you want?
  • The layout is very intuitive and easy to follow.


You may end up glued to the screen all day! Remember to take a break and step out into the real world…always ‘stop and smell the flowers’.

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