STM iPad Mini Dux Case knows how to keep its kit ON

STM iPad Mini Dux Case knows how to keep its kit ON


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They say that the best things come in small packages; a more accurate saying would be that the most delicate things come in small packages, and proof of this would be the iPad mini.  Drop that little fella without a case on it and it’ll shut down on you faster than Kim Kardashian sheds her clothes when a camera’s around.  As always, STM has rode in to the rescue and hopes to obviate any literal breaking of your internet device with its new iPad Dux Case.

Billed as ‘Ultra Protective’, the case has two modes (well, three if you count being tucked away for transport): Typing and Viewing.  You can prop the iPad up at a steep angle to view videos or a lower angle to type away on its screen – perfect for chilling in bed and Googling pictures of a certain attention-grabbing celeb.


The material is water resistant and has a hard shell back that will protect it from any bumps and scratches and my favourite feature is the ‘tongue’ closure system, which ensures that your battery will never run out when it’s in your bag.

Wrap up your iPad mini with this case and you’ll still be using it in five years time, when dear old Kim might have learned a talent other than stripping.  (That’s ‘might’ with a capital ‘M’.)

Price: £39.99

Link: STM iPad Mini Dux Case


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