STM Harbour: Not just any old port in a storm

STM Harbour: Not just any old port in a storm



So, you’ve got your sticky mitts on an iPhone 6 and you’re scared to let it out of your sight, let alone ride around with you in your pocket with all of that loose change and sets of keys?  Drop anchor at STM, where the smartphone accessory store have just launched their Harbour case, that guarantees to protect your device from stormy weather (legal note: it may not survive a direct lightning strike).

The case is very lightweight, which is good news for anyone carting around an iPhone 6 Plus – the last thing that you want is a titanium shell around that bad boy, or you’ll be walking all lopsided.  Forged from dual density thermoplastic polyurethane (yep, me neither), the case has a unique hinged design, allowing you to prop the phone up for viewing videos and photos or to dock into another device.


The usual access to ports and buttons are all here and it comes in a wide range of bright colours; for £19.95, you can’t really go wrong…especially as the cost of repairing a dropped and damaged iPhone 6 is going to be enough to send you overboard.

Price: £19.95

Link: STM Harbour