Slim, Sexy and Sound Great: Meet the Urbanista Copenhagen 3.0 Headphones

Slim, Sexy and Sound Great: Meet the Urbanista Copenhagen 3.0 Headphones



I’ve never been to Scandinavia, although the more that I think about it, the more I can’t work out why not; the landscape is vast and beautiful, the people are tall and gorgeous and the beer is delicious and…oh.  Actually pretty expensive. That must be why.  Luckily for me, the Copenhagen headphones from Urbanista that arrived yesterday purvey the aesthetic boons of Denmark without the costly booze price tag, a snip at €69.

Daubed in a striking snow white and silver finish, the headphones are apparently the company’s “crown jewel” as they embody the typical sturdiness of an Urbanista product whilst still retaining a slim-fit design.  The square, shiny ear pieces are snug and rest over your ears as opposed to encasing them and they deliver a top-notch audio performance.

Despite them being far from a case of style over substance, the Urbanista Copenhagen headphones are without a doubt one of the suavest headphones that have ever graced my head and yesterday I found myself thinking up a reason to go to the supermarket just so I could strut around the aisles, music blaring.  However, the noise is what matters most and the headphones deliver this in spades; the bass, middle and treble are all well balanced and suit a variety of music; my personal predilection for acoustic folk-rock is particularly well matched, Ryan Adams echoing in my ear as I stocked up on totally unneeded groceries.


The microphone that’s attached to the wire is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows and offers a hands-free function for those that like to chat whilst on the move or plugged into their computer.  In fact, as I type this I’ve got Tom Petty crooning through the Copenhagens and am fully prepared to put him on hold whilst I fend a Skype call from my girlfriend, furious at the frankly ridiculous amount of vegetables that are now overloading our fridge.

Sleek, sexy and sounding great, these headphones certainly get a recommendation from me; now, off to the biggest vegetarian curry that the world has ever seen.


Link: Urbanista Copenhagen 3.0

Price: €69


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