SkyDocs: The Ultimate Cloud File Manager Has Finally Arrived

SkyDocs: The Ultimate Cloud File Manager Has Finally Arrived



The Cloud is quickly casting over us, and is adding a whole host of new dynamics to networking and communications as we know them. If your business has a dedicated IT department, then making the switch to future computing is not a major concern. However, for the many small businesses who have to carefully divide their time between the countless day-to-day tasks, staying on top of things can be difficult. Enter, SkyDocs.

Take the Haziness Out of the Cloud

SkyDocs has been unleashed into the iOS market to take the haziness out of the cloud. This innovative new app is the first multitasking file manager for iOS devices, allowing you to seamlessly manage your files across multiple online platforms. As well as being able to access all of your files through one user-friendly platform, you can quickly create text and voice files and share them with your clients and colleagues.



Broad access across eight clouds

The various clouds available to us each provide a great deal of functionality, and you will no doubt have set up accounts across the major providers. However, a common problem that arises is that files quickly become fragmented across multiple platforms. SkyDocs completely alleviates this issue, allowing you to effortlessly manage and sync your files across Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box, OneDrive, Yandex Disk, Box, MediaFire and SugarSync. You can move, share, delete, rename, copy, zip/unzip, import files to local cloud and more.



Multitasking for ultimate efficiency

The developers of SkyDrive have focussed on cutting out time jumping between applications by allowing you to launch other functions while keeping your current activity open. Watching a video or listening to a song and want to access one of your drives? Simply swipe the current window to minimise it, and open up another document in the dual display.


File compatibility made easy

Being a hub of many sources of information, it is essential that SkyDocs is able to read and edit all types of files without an issue. Over 40 of the most popular file types are supported by this new app, so whether you are accessing PDFs, Microsoft Office documents or audio files, you will not encounter any problems.

SkyDocs really is the only platform you will need to access all of your online files. And the time that you’ll save will easily justify the insignificant affordable price tag.




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