SideWalk: Like A Swipey Beavis And Butthead

SideWalk: Like A Swipey Beavis And Butthead


SideWalk iPhone App Review

In SideWalk you take control of a little dude called Fro (very original…). Fro is an aspiring graffiti artist who has to prove himself on the mean streets by spraying paint all over the place and bashing up thugs.

Although this game one some plus point, let’s get the negatives out of the way first…

The controls are dire, swiping left and right to move, up to jump, down to duck, then there’s a whole load of other swiping going on when you’re trying to bash up enemies. The problem is there’s only so many ways to swipe, so you just end up running away when you were trying to punch someone, or plummeting off of a building when you intending to stop walking.

The graphics have a kind of crappy Beavis and Butthead look to them and the painting options don’t really have enough detail to allow you to actual create anything proper when graffiti-ing.

Pros: The one element that I like about this game is that you can sync it up to your FaceBook and upload your creations; other players can then like and dislike what you’ve done.

Cons: Unfortunately, because it’s near impossible to draw anything, the FaceBook element is rendered pointless.

This game is very difficult to enjoy in its current stage, if the developers obsessed less over swiping and focused on playability and fine tuning the graffiti; this could be an interesting idea for a game.


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