Recover Deleted Files from a Flash Drive

Recover Deleted Files from a Flash Drive


Have you ever been in that incredible difficult position where you delete a file from your external hard drive or flash drive, only to find out that it was an important document? Fortunately, there are ways to recover files from a flash drive using recovery software that makes file recovery simple. One such software and probably the best on the market is Disk Drill. You can easily and safely download & recover deleted files with Disk Drill for macOS or Windows. The software makes life easy by recovering lost files.

The great thing that one will find about Disk Drill is that it also recover lost files from even corrupted flash drives. You might think it’s the end of the world if you lose an important file.

Download and install the Disk Drill software. You will need to be running Mac OS 10.6.8 or later. Connect the flash drive directly to your computer through USB port. Launch Disk Drill. Do the usual thing and drag and drop the Disk Drill icon to your applications folder. Select the flash drive. Click the ‘search for lost data’ button to start the scanning process. This process identify recoverable files. Once done, you will be presented with the list of deleted files Disk Drill has found. Once you select your files, choose where you want it to be recovered and then hit the recovery button.

Disk Drill makes it possible to recover files that you thought you permanently deleted or from a corrupted flash drive.

Disk Drill is a great recovery software and one that both Mac and Windows users should have on their computers. The scanning techniques use by the software is powerful and make it highly likely that you get your files recovered. Disk Drill is easy, fast and powerful software.


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