Reasons why you should drink only purified warm water in the morning

Reasons why you should drink only purified warm water in the morning


The benefits of drinking warm water in the morning are many.Everywhere in the internet it stresses on a very important part; losing weight. Instagram and Pinterest is flooded with recommendations that everyone one of us must drink 1 glass of lukewarm water in the morning with a squeeze of lemon. It is said to have many benefits, the most important of which is losing weight. It is also packed with other benefits like improving skin condition, detoxification of the body and many more. But, did you know that simple water taken from the tap, doesn’t work? 

Why you should purchase a water purifier or water filter?

Warm water that does not pass through a purifying agent is actually very harmful for the skin. Normal tap water that is not purified has high content of bacteria in it. There are almost 2000 contaminants which can cause havoc when they enter the body.Not only this, tap water contains high amount of lead and pesticides. Pesticides as you all know are killing agents and lead acts like a slow poison. It is the number one cause of cancer and extremely harmful to children and pregnant women. Children can suffer from psychotic problems and cause birth defects in new born babies. Trace amounts of chlorine can be also found in certain areas. These facts makes you want to think twice about drinking tap water and this why you should have a water purifier in your home.

What are the benefits of purified water?

A pure drop water purifier is important for your health and fitness. See for yourself the benefits that it offers:

 No more body ache 

Purified warm water fights with the toxins present in our body. It soothes stomach cramps caused due to gastritis, menstrual cramps, arthritis and back pain. It relives muscle and joints pains after a hard day’s work. You can also drink purified warm water at night before going to bed. The heat of the water actually spreads throughout our body and causes our nerves to relax. This is why whether it is morning or night; it has a very calming effect on us.


 Helps lose weight

Drinking warm purified water in the morning helps us to melt down all the excess fat in our body. The warmth from the water breaks down the excess fat molecules. If you follow this by a regular exercising regime, the fat will not reenter your system.



 Flushes out the toxins

Water is always the best and effective medicine there is. Warm water together with the minerals present in the purifying system works with the body and takes out all toxins from every nook and corner. It is extremely beneficial to the lymphatic and drainage system and for flushing out the colons from our intestines and maintaining a good bowel movement. Purified warm water also helps to remove free radicals from our skin, which is the number one cause of ageing and bad skin condition. Our skin is also moisturized as it hydrates our body and keeps it soft and supple. The removal of toxins also ensures good blood circulation for our overall well being.


 Improves digestion

Drinking purified warm water is also known to improve digestion. The heat in the purified water maintains the hydration level of our stomach and intestines and helps to break down food efficiently. A good digestive system is important for your gut health and minimizes acidity in an individual. Good digestion can also solves acne problems in adults and other body breakouts caused due to a bad gut heath. Adding few drops of lemon juice in your glass of warm water makes the water alkaline and also contributes in improving digestion.


 Presence of water treatments

Water purifiers like pure drop water purifier is equipped with many technologies of water purification.  They come with reverse osmosis method; the reverse osmosis method re-mineralizes the water with any mineral and salts that it had lost. It induces beneficial minerals and renders the water alkaline, making it extremely beneficial for your health. Many pure drop water purifiers also have 7 stages of water filtration system. This ensures maximum purification for your health and fitness.


UF technology is a basic element that is found in all pure drop water purifiers. UF or Ultra Filtration system has a variety of membranes. When the water passes through these layers many different sizes of macro organisms get caught up. This renders water safe to drink.


Water purifiers also have TDS regulation system. TDS refers to the total dissolved solids comprising of inorganic salts, potassium, magnesium, chlorides, sulphates and many other minerals. Ideally a safe drinking water contains TDS ranging between 0-600 mg per liter. The TDS regulation technology ensures that a safe level is maintained in your drinking water.


Another popular technology is UV treatment. All water purifiers come with re-mineralization membrane. When water passes through them it kills the microorganisms present and induces the water with lost mineral. The UV treatment provides double filtration; killing almost 99.8% of microorganisms that the membrane previously missed out. 




Pure safe drinking water is a scarcity these days. If you look closely, you will see how many parts of the world like Africa and certain parts of Asia are suffering from the lack of clean drinking water. If you see the bigger picture you will notice that growing population, environmental degradation and industrial development are the main factors for this. In such a scenario if you have a roof on your head and are able to eat three meals a day, you must not ignore the importance of a good quality pure drop purifier. It is extremely beneficial for your health and fitness and also for the health of your future generation. In today’s world owning a water purifier is not a luxury but a basic necessity for your basic survival!

W.H. Auden, a famous author and playwright in England once said, thousands have lived without love, not one without water.


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