Punch Like UFC Champ “Rampage” App

Punch Like UFC Champ “Rampage” App


I’ll try to move past this quickly, but I’m very surprised this App made it in to the App Store. To quote Apple’s developer guidelines…

13. Damage to device

  • Apps that encourage users to use an Apple Device in a way that may cause damage to the device will be rejected

If encouraging you to hurtle your iPhone forward as quickly and powerfully as you are physically able before stopping abruptly with your phone in your ever-increasingly sweaty hand isn’t encouraging use in a way that may cause damage, I’m not sure that I can think of anything that is.  Well except maybe the App which you had to throw your phone off a building to use

That said, in the genre of ‘Apps that are not unlikely to render your phone a shattered paper weight’ – I’d love to see that on the store – this is one of the more fun examples. I began thrusting my fist forward in irony, more out of an implied duty to do so in reviewing the App than an intelectual desire to endanger my most important organizational tool, not to mention $700 in cold hard cash. Not satisfied with my measly 34% (of the force apparently required to smash through metal mind-you..!) I tried again. And again. And then I invited a friend to also try. He was better than me. I promptly gestured for him to return my phone to me and himself to whence he came!

In case you hadn’t gotten it by now, in this App, you are challenged with punching like the UFC Fighting champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. You hold the phone in your hand and punch when it prompts you – hint, a downwards hook punch seems to give the best results, and on carpet may also reduce the danger associate with playing this game – and then it gives you a score as a percentage of the force required to break the material you chose, that you managed to muster up. If you make it, I would imagine there is some flashy animation, or something. I wouldn’t know.

It doesn’t sound very fair, but I came in to this review pretty loaded against the App but here I am still playing it. Great fun and while I doubt I’ll be playing it a fortnight from now, it’s definitely worth the $0.99.  If you don’t fancy shelling out the buck, there is a free ad-supported version for both iPhone and Android available as well at http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/rampage-punch-free/id530683510?mt=8&uo=2.

Now – does anybody make wi-like wrist band cases for the iPhone..?



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