Proporta Leather 4S Case: The Last Word in iPhone Cool

Proporta Leather 4S Case: The Last Word in iPhone Cool



Buying a leather jacket is a ticket to instant cool.  Just look at The Fonz, the chaps from Easy Rider and, uh, Prince.  If you want to give your iPhone a boost in popularity, then Proporta have the answer: a distressed leather case for the iPhone 4S.

By using distressed leather, the case manufacturers have made a shield for your iPhone that is not only stylish, it’s pretty shock-resistant too.  The three credit card slots mean that you can carry all of your important stuff in one handy place; for Londoners, I’ve found that the case fits my Oyster card (electronic swipe travel card for non-Londoners) really well and that I can just swipe my phone as I move through the barrier and then carry on texting…or researching which vintage leather jacket I’m going to buy from Etsy.


As opposed to plastic cases that just get scratched and battered over time, the distressed leather ages well and the iPhone case could actually end up looking better a year from when you buy it.

The pièce de résistance of this particular case is the engraving option that Proporta offers; have your favourite lyrics, aphorism, quote or even just your initials seared into the leather and make your case truly unique.  As The Fonz would say, “Heeeeeeeeyyy…!

Price: £19.95

Link: Proporta Leather iPhone 4S Case

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