Photography Just Went Hands Free! Manfrotto KLYPAPP is Here!

Photography Just Went Hands Free! Manfrotto KLYPAPP is Here!



Attention photography buffs! KLYPAPP is the first hands free photo capture App developed by Manfrotto. Simply clap your hands to take a picture or video and share them immediately with your friends!

Once your picture is taken use the KLYPAPP functions to edit your pictures and make them look even better. Crop your pictures, enhance the colours, flip any images, adjust the saturation, contrast or exposure and regulate the sharpness level to ensure you make the most of your pictures. Use the night mode to increase light sensitivity at night, and the virtual horizon button to help stabilize your iPhone when taking pictures.

We’ve been lucky enough to get our sticky mitts on a sample of the KLYP+ phone case, so we’ll be posting a review of it next week – can’t wait!

Use with the KLYP+ phone case to really maximize the photographs taken using your smartphone!

The KLYPAPP is available from iTunes for free, whilst the KLYP+ iPhone cases start from £24.95.

For more information, visit


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