Heat Up A Party With Drink-O-Tron’s New Drinking Game App Drunk Potato

Heat Up A Party With Drink-O-Tron’s New Drinking Game App Drunk Potato


Back in Victorian times school children used to carry hot potatoes with them to school to keep there hands warm in the winter. As time passed this savvy heat holding hack was turned into a game called Hot Potato whereby children threw a bean bag around in a circle to music; when the music stopped, whoever was holding the bean bag would be out. The game was called hot potato because as soon as you had the bean bag in hand, you would want to get rid of it as soon as possible (much like if you were holding an actual a hot potato). Luckily, the developers over at Drink-O-Tron didn’t think that kids deserved all the fun and have since developed a novel drinking game based on this charming pastime, Drunk Potato.

Drunk Potato is a super simple but oh so dangerous drinking game that’s fun to play with a good group of friends (the instructions do say that it’s possible to play with boring friends, however, they wouldn’t recommend it). This cheeky little app requires a willing group of participants, some booze and no shame. With questions like: When was the last time you masturbated? and Pass the game to someone dumber than you there’s no room for coyness.

Basically, you and your friends stand around in a circle, the funniest of the group starts the game and every time a question or a task is answered or completed the phone is passed to the left. Once the timer runs out, whoever is left holding the phone must drink and if for whatever reason you can’t or won’t answer the question/ complete the task then you can pass with a penalty of three drinks.

Drunk Potato is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android users. If you want to unlock another 1000+ cheeky tasks and questions then you can get the ‘fully loaded’ version for an additional $0.99. It’s a super simple, delightfully rude and extremely entertaining game that you can whip out easily at any party and is well worth having if you like to party hard.

So what are you waiting for? Get loaded on fun by downloading Drunk Potato from the App Store or Google Play today!