Old School Gaming Is Making A Comeback This Year, And Here’s Why

Old School Gaming Is Making A Comeback This Year, And Here’s Why


For the last twenty years or so, most gamers have turned to technology to get their fix. During that time, console designers have made significant advancements in both quality and gameplay. However, there’s a bit of a resurgence going on at the moment, and old school options are becoming popular once again. With that in mind, we wanted to take a quick look at some of the reasons people are leaving technology behind. We’re not saying Sony won’t manage to sell millions of PlayStation 5 consoles when they reach the market. However, the average gamer seems to feel a little nostalgic this year.

Old school games don’t require as much commitment

We all know how long it can take to complete some of the latest games available today. Indeed, some of them need months of time and effort. That’s a good thing because prices are high, and so they offer good value for money. Even so, many of gamers want something that requires less commitment. Indeed, that is why they spend lots of time playing online arcade-style alternatives. Sometimes you just want that adrenalin hit quickly, and you aren’t going to get that from the latest Final Fantasy release. There’s a lot to be said for sitting down and keeping yourself entertained whenever you have five minutes spare. That’s almost impossible with most digital games on the market right now.


Old school games offer a better social aspect

Board games and other products provide a social experience you won’t find with digital titles. While people play online with their friends using a headset, they aren’t usually in the same room. That means they miss out on essential human interactions. Developers working on the new X Wing Miniatures game understood that fact all too well. That is why they worked hard to create a solid alternative that is both exciting and challenging. There are hundreds of new board games available from stores and online right now. So, gamers are guaranteed to find something that tickles their fancy. That is the case, regardless of their interests.

Old school games are much cheaper

The average cost of a new computer game is somewhere between £40 and £80. That’s a lot of money when you consider most of the users are children. It also helps to explain why parents are encouraging their little ones to try something different. You’d struggle to pay more than £80 for even the most advanced board game in the world. Most of them are much cheaper than that. Best of all? You can use them over and over again, and they’re perfect for a family get together. When all’s said and done, your grandmother can handle moving plastic pieces around a board. However, she’s going to struggle when you hand her your XBox One controller.

Now you know a little more about why old school gaming is making a comeback, we hope you’ll purchase a few new titles this year. Maybe you should see if you can find the same board games you used to play as a child? As we mentioned, there’s a lot to be said for nostalgia. Also, you might manage to beat your kids for the first time in their lives. We shouldn’t imagine too many of you can take them down when they’re playing Call of Duty.