OfficeTime: Time & Expense Tracking

OfficeTime: Time & Expense Tracking


OfficeTime iPhone App Review

Managing your time effectively can give you greater productivity and render positive results. Certain time-killing activities consume 40% of our time and as a result our focus on the core responsibilities can be shattered. Procrastination, social networking, web browsing and emailing have been regarded as time consuming activities that have a bad impact on our productivity. In order to tackle these cases, we have to rely on some applications, courses and consultancies that can help us get rid of these time-killers and boost our productivity.

One such app that could help you remain organized and make the most out of your time is Office Time: Time & Expense Tracking 1.2. Neither oversimplified nor too general, this app helps you track your activities and analyze the time consumed.

Pros: This was released primarily as a PC application and marketed for freelancers and small teams. However, with the latest release the application can be operated and used on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Here are the distinctive features of the app:

  • In just one purchase, you can get it for both iPhone and iPad
  • Team reports are quickly developed on your desktop
  • Ability to synchronize at many platforms; PC, iPhone, iPad and Mac
  • Tracking is done project as well as category wise
  • Time tracking remains in the background of your iDevice
  • Wireless syncs with Mac or PC for quick and easy invoicing (sync is separately sold at $47)
  • No monthly fees are charged
  • Money back guarantee in case the app is unable to perform adequately to satisfy your needs

Requirements & Pricing:

  • The app works compatibly with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • iOS 4.0 or later version is required
  • The primary language of the app is English and file size is around 4.6 MB
  • The app is available at $7.99 worldwide and is exclusively sold at App Store in the productivity app category


Despite offering greater value, there are certain grey areas in this app. The best hing about this app is its synchronization ability throughout various platforms; however, in this process the app gets sneaky and might cause ordinary users a bit of trouble. The additional cost of $47 is for synchronization is a big cost that can potentially reduce a little of the app’s charm. Moreover, the price of the application is also a bit higher than some alternative apps that are either free or offer similar services for lower investment.

In conclusion, the choice comes down to the user and his or her budget. If you can afford to buy this, it will not disappoint. Its money back guarantee should also increase your satisfaction level as a general user. Additionally, if you don’t want to bear the extra cost, then you can choose not to go for the premium features like syncing the app across other platforms. For a freelance professional or a small team leader, however, this simple iPad or iPhone app is very, very useful.


  1. Tracking time is such an important part of working, for me. It enables me to look back and measure what was profitable, vs. what ate up all my personal time, etc., etc. I downloaded their free version of the time tracker at

    Athanasios Antonopoulos


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