NOMAD ChargeKey: Take your Phone’s Charge With You

NOMAD ChargeKey: Take your Phone’s Charge With You



It’s the disease of the age.  An insidious, draining leech that doesn’t stop until you’ve got nothing left; that’s right, I’m talking about low battery power.  There’s little more annoying than running out of battery on your iPhone and it can even become a real safety issue in emergency situations.  The medicine to combat this plague?  NOMAD’s tiny chargers fit on a keyring and in your wallet, providing you with the best weapon in the fight against dead batteries.

Hyperbole aside, running out of juice is itch-inducingly irritating and, short of carrying a charging wire around with you, there’s little you can do to prevent it.  However, NOMAD’s chargers offer you the option to take charging equipment wherever you go, simply by remembering your keys and/or purse.

The ChargeCard and the ChargeKey have a slim yet robust design and are made of rubber and plastic, making them malleable at the points at which they need to bend into shape and sturdy enough not to get damaged in your pocket.


The black gadgets come with micro-USB and lightning cables, so you’ll be able to match pretty much all of the latest versions of smartphones and tablets; of course, you still need a plug socket o a computer to charge the devices, but a USB input is fairly easy to come by these days.

A good, solid product that’s beauty lies in its simplicity.

Link: Hello Nomad

Price: $29


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