Moving Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand: Apps That Will Make...

Moving Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand: Apps That Will Make Moving Easier


Overwhelmed by the prospect of moving? Desperate for some cheap or free guidance?

These five apps will make your next move a breeze:

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The Reason to Move: ForRent App

Before you’ve even thought about boxing anything up, you need a place to move to. That’s where this app comes in. If you’re looking for apartments for rent in Houston from, you’ll find a map with pinpoints of apartment options, floorplans, video tours, and more. You can also limit your results by amenities, property types, and pet options (among others).

The Right Movers: My Move App

When you need a moving company and are worried about getting the right one, this app will come in handy. As you’re trying to budget how much you need for the move, this app will give you a moving estimate. Ready to look up movers? The app has a list of tips for finding one you trust. Got it narrowed down to a few moving companies? Their selection of online reviews and records can help you choose the best one for your move.

The To-Do List: Moving Guru App

If you’re worried about getting everything done for the move, this app has a handy checklist of things you need to do up to eight weeks before the move-in date. In addition to giving you a time frame for reserving a truck, the app also tells you when you should forward your address and cancel your utilities. It can even tell you in what order to pack your belongings. Need more help with how to pack? The app includes video how-to guides on how to pack your kitchen, bedroom, and more.

The Box Organizer and Recorder: Moving Van App

If you’re packing up your home on your own, the Moving Van app is the perfect way to keep track of everything while you pack it. The app has an organization system where you can label a box, enter in its contents, and even take a picture of what you are packing in it. Whenever you need to find something that has not yet been unpacked, you can search this app to find what box it is in.

If you’re looking at a period of transition when some of your belongings will stay in storage, this is an ideal app to download.

The Move: Moving Day App

It’s hard to keep track of all your possessions when you’re moving, so this app will help you check off all your belongings as they’re loaded into the moving truck to make sure that everything arrives safe to your new home. This app will also help keep you from leaving anything behind or from ending up at your new home unaware of damaged belongings.

These apps will get you through every part of the move. What moving app do you like best?