MetaTrader 5: Control Stocks And Shares From Your iPhone (Sponsored)

MetaTrader 5: Control Stocks And Shares From Your iPhone (Sponsored)


MetaTrader 5 iPhone App Review

Anyone who likes to dabble in the stock market will sit up and take note when I say that this trading platform will let you connect to a trade server, receive quotes, trade and view the history of your trades all from your iPhone; no more tapping away at the computer for you!

This mobile trading software allows you to manage your shares from wherever you are in the world; it is needless to say how useful this is to anyone who needs to make a quick purchase or sale based on a tip that they’ve just heard. You could even buy shares during the conversation that you are having about said shares…talk about up-to-the second access.

Meta Trader iPhone App Review
Keep a constant eye on those figures…

The best thing about MetaTrader 5? It won’t cost you a penny. You just have to download it from the App Store and start trading Forex from your iPhone or iPad by find your broker in the mobile terminal list and opening an account. You can then buy and sell shares, place stop orders, modify position volume, work with pending orders as well as analyze the market using technical indicators.

Meta Trader iPhone App Review
It’s all a mystery to me, but that’s why I’m a writer; go and make your fortune!


This app is very easy to follow and intuitive to use; it doesn’t mean that it will make you a millionaire overnight, but it can certainly point your in the right direction.


Although the layout is fairly simple, you can access a lot information and compare the market through graphs and charts.

‘Offline mode’ means that you can check prices, current positions and trading history even when you’re out of signal.

Room For Improvement

A ‘hot tip’ button would be, well, illegal and unethical, but also very fun! Jokes aside, it’s a great app and it’s free, so what are you waiting for?!

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