Manga Rock 2: Rocks My Socks!

Manga Rock 2: Rocks My Socks!

Manga Rock 2 iPhone App Review
Get your Manga on!

There are tons of Manga readers on the App Store, but how many of them offer so much for free?!

This app’s interface is simple and clean, it might not look much to start with, but Manga Rock 2 delivers a wide range of comics to read and does exactly what it says on the tin…it really does rock!

There is a large collection of comics to choose from, and to help the user from becoming overwhelmed the app features a detailed search engine with options for different genres and statuses – meaning you can select a comic that is completed or still on-going. Furthermore, there is an option to ‘favourite’ whole series, and the app records what chapter you last read.

The actual reading element is crucial to making this app work. The ability to switch to landscape view means iPhone users don’t feel like they are struggling to get the full effect of the artwork.


  •  Lots and lots of Manga to choose from
  •  Very easy to use
  •  It’s free!


  •  There are a few translation issues every now and then, although this may not be directly the apps fault, but rather the source which the comics are being gathered from.

This app is a must have for any Manga fan. I’m currently attempting to work my way through the current 500+ episodes of Naruto…so see you all in about 6 months time.

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Laura Barnes
By night Laura is a musician and plays drums for Alt/Indie band BalloonMan, by day she is a staff writer for PCR magazine. Laura is a fully fledged App addict and also has a keen interest in Cinema, Art, Gaming and Japan.


  1. Hello there, I was just wondering how can i totally remove all of my manga datas from this apps so that it will relieve some of my limited memory space of my ipod. PLEASE HELP =( thank you!


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