Lifesapps- iCEaid: Could This App Save Your Life?

Lifesapps- iCEaid: Could This App Save Your Life?


iCEaid First Aid System iPhone App Review

The first aid advice is provided by the latest edition of the joint manual of the UK’s leading first aid societies (St John Ambulance, St Andrew’s First Aid and the British Red Cross) published by the award winning Dorling Kindersley.


  • Handy
  • More than just an A-Z list
  • Real advice from real professionals


  • A lot of questions and answers in order to get to the answer you need

Summary: I’ve never been a fan of first aid apps. While I can understand the service they are trying to provide, when faced with an emergency situation that last thing one should be doing is flipping through an iphone app for the answer. By the time you find the answer, it could be to late as you have wasted valuable time. For best results one should always call their local emergency hotline for immediate assistance.


  1. The best use of a smartphone in an emergency situation is to use it to dial the emergency services. Fooling about with an app on a smartphone is a dangerous waste of time.


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