Let Tech Tuck You In: 6 Top Apps for Your Best Sleep

Let Tech Tuck You In: 6 Top Apps for Your Best Sleep



Most people these days don’t get enough sleep. They’re up too late, they’re watching just one more rerun of Scrubs, or they’re out partying. Does this describe you? If it does, now’s the time to change. Did you know that sleep deprivation can cause more than just a groggy feeling in the morning? That cup of coffee you sip on the way to work is hiding potentially serious health problems like heart disease, depression, and diabetes. 

Yes, diabetes. It’s an insidious illness that affects more than 29 million people in the U.S. alone. in Canada, that number is over 2 million. It’s the 7th leading cause of death.

Most people are, fortunately, helped by modern scientific advancements, like OneTouch Products, glucometers, which help monitor a person’s blood sugar levels multiple times per day. However, it doesn’t stop the disease. Nothing does.

You need to start taking your sleep more seriously. Here are some apps that can help.

Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is an app by HiveBrain Software that brings you guided meditation. Andrew Johnson’s calm and soothing voice helps you relax so that you can slip into a deep and restful sleep each and every night.

Insomnia Cure

The insomnia cure app has hours of audio content and 40 pages of insomnia tips and learning tools that will help you learn about insomnia as well as help you get some shut-eye. Follow hypnotherapist Max Kirsten’s advice for insomnia and stress-reduction and get the sleep you deserve.

Snore Lab

Snore Lab is a unique app that monitors your sleep and lets you know whether you were snoring, if you stopped breathing (sleep apnea), and gives you tips on how to solve the problem. Millions of people suffer from snoring and many snorers also have sleep apnea. This application helps you root out the cause so you can finally get some relief.

Yoga For Insomnia

This app is based on the traditional practice of Hatha Yoga, and uses poses that are relaxing, while also helping you to stretch out and improve your breathing. The aim of this app is to help you create a sense of balance so that you can release the tensions of the day.

Sleepmaker Rain 

This app is loved by pretty much everyone who loves to fall asleep to the sounds of rain. It has a 24-hour timer so you can wake up refreshed after falling asleep to nature’s soothing storms. The recordings range from raindrops on forest foliage to all-out thunderstorms.

You can select the type of rain you want to sleep through, based on your personal preferences.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

This app is simple and straightforward. It provides you with a variety of sounds plucked from nature. There’s a crackling campfire, songbirds, the ocean surf, and many more. The app also includes images that are supposed to be soothing, but honestly if you’re sleeping, you’re not going to be looking at them. It’s worth checking out though as the sounds are stellar.

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