Krrb: Local Bargain Hunting Made Easy (Sponsored)

Krrb: Local Bargain Hunting Made Easy (Sponsored)


Krrb iPhone App Review

Anyone over the age of 25 will remember when you had to look phone numbers up in a directory, search for pizza takeaways through stacks of leaflets and write potential suitors’ addresses down on a hand that you prayed wouldn’t sweat it off before you got home and made a copy. Well, all of that stress is now a thing of the past thanks to the evolution of technology and useful little apps like Krrb (pronounced ‘curb’, by the way).

Krrb is a location-based listings app that gives you seamless access to a whole array of sellers that post classified ads to sell their various wares. Its hyper-local features mean that you can be walking down a random street and happen to see that someone is letting something that you desire go for an absolute bargain; simply write to their inbox and collect it on the spot!

Krrb iPhone App Review
I want that bike!

It integrates well with Twitter and Facebook et al. and is focusing on lots of major cities, including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. What I really like about this app is that you can scroll through the locality feature to pinpoint your required listing; for example, if you search for ‘vintage bicycles’ and have it nearer the ‘world’ end of the spectrum, you’ll receive all sorts of ads from all over the country (road trip alert!), but if you scroll through to ‘local’ then you may be able to jog a couple of blocks over to Metropolitan Avenue and ride your new purchase home.

Krrb iPhone App Review
Posts can offer detailed descriptions of items.

The social side of Krrb is also really impressive; it allows people to connect with their neighbours and support local commerce by purchasing items from independent sellers and individuals around them. From the sellers’ perspective, you can sell locally to save on shipping, avoid costly commission and gain local exposure for becoming a trusted seller.


Krrb is one of the new ‘must-have’ apps for anyone who likes to bag bargains and keep things in their neighbourhood; plus, it’s free to download…what are you waiting for?


  • You can ‘bookmark’ any posts that you’d like to keep handy, making it easy to come back to it on the go.
  • It’s incredibly easy to create posts.
  • You can read and comment on exclusive stories, ‘How Tos’, tips and news on the culture of second hand, handmade and living locally.

Room For Improvement

You may get addicted to buying bargains…I now have three vintage bikes that I never ride!

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  1. Really enjoyed the general usability of this app – very clear and well thought out. Easily searchable items and I agree with David about the interconnectivity angle. 10/10!!

  2. As an NY resident, I can see that I’m going to find this app so helpful – I have picked up a few bargains already! The maps feature makes it so easy to locate your seller…

  3. OMG, bargain shoppers of the world unite!! Seriously, this app is a Godsend to anyone who spends their lives traipsing through flea markets and bargain bins looking for those hidden gems…it finds them for you! Well worth the slot on your iPhone’s screen.


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