Jewel Frenzy: Surprisingly Addictive Jewel Matching

Jewel Frenzy: Surprisingly Addictive Jewel Matching


Jewel Frenzy iPhone App Review

Yup, you guessed it, it’s a three-or-more object matching game…and yes, those objects are jewels.

At first glance Jewel Frenzy seems incredibly familiar; a grid of various coloured jewels, 90 seconds on the clock, and the sole aim of taping blocks of three or more of the same coloured to make them disappear. We HAVE heard it all before, but there’s just something about Jewel Frenzy that I find charming and very difficult to put down.

Maybe it’s the fact that there is only one goal, which is to get the biggest score on Game Center. Seeing as the game only currently has 600 odd players means that I found myself already half way up the rankings when I started playing, seeing myself creep up to the top ten has only spurred me on to attempt to get in the top 5!

Pros: Very simple game to grasp, incredibly easy to get a quick fix when you’ve got a spare minute or two.

Cons: Would be excellent to have a couple of different modes to mix things up a bit.

Whether this addiction to the high score is due to the gameplay or the fact that I’ve never seen myself in the top ten on ANY game on Gamer Center, I’m unsure. All I know is, in 90 second spurts, I keep coming back to this game in the hope of having the perfect round (lots of time boosters and bombs) and climbing up the ranks some more.



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