Instapaper: Great App For Browsing Online

Instapaper: Great App For Browsing Online


Instapaper iPhone App Review

This app has become one of favorite and most used apps. I often find articles and links of interests when searching for something else. This is the best app for saving it to read later. I have searched for several and there is nothing of its kind.

Pros: This app allows you to save online articles for reading at a later time using a browser bookmarklet. You have to love an app that includes a feature that is compatible with over 140 other iphone and ipad apps. I have yet to find a location that doesnt allow me to save my URL for use later. The dark interface allows for easier reading in low light areas. It also provides many ways to navigae articles: traditional scrolling, accelerometer-based tilt scrolling, and a pagination mode.

Cons: Quite pricey but if you read alot online….its worth every penny!



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