EZ Estate Perfect App to keep all your Estate Plans in one...

EZ Estate Perfect App to keep all your Estate Plans in one place


Planning what to do and what instructions to give to your family when you pass away can be a sore topic. Some people just cannot bear the inevitable and at times refused to talk about what needs to be done. Regardless of whether or not they choose to talk about it, important matters still need to be instructed. Perhaps putting something in place when the unfortunate happens is a way to get around the in-denial. One such way is with the EZ Estate app.

EZ Estate is available to download for free from App Store and Google Play. It aims to allow you to set specific instructions and details regarding the important affairs of your life and estate. The simple to use features of the app makes life for your family easy and stress-free, after you’re gone.

The app allows you to set important details in categories and you can even record a video with all your instructions. Instructions such as the password for all the important accounts, and who should get the car, and even specifics for the final resting day. You can add your last Will and testament within the app. There’s a “Bills and Accounts” where you can set all your bank details, insurance details, deeds and all the important things that family will need to know. Just about every single thing you can possibly think of the app will guide you through and make sure it’s done with the “progress tracking”. All the details within the app are protected by a security passcode that you have to set. It’s probably easier to give them that code to keep safe until the day comes.

EZ Estate is one of those important apps you need to have on your device. It makes everyone at ease in a difficult time.

Grab it from the App Store and Google Play Store.


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