Book Luxury Hotels In London With Montcalm

Book Luxury Hotels In London With Montcalm


All too often, researching and booking a hotel can be a disjointed venture; jumping from website to website, filtering an endless slew of results until you find the hotel that’s right for you. The My Montcalm app has clearly been designed specifically with this in mind. For those seeking a five-star hotel in London, this slick app is the only one you’ll need to arrange a Blighty getaway in the most convenient way possible.

From the second the app starts up, you’ll instantly notice the clean nature of the layout. There isn’t a single wasted pixel of real-estate on the screen. Information, links, and high-resolution images are presented in such a cohesive manner that it’s simple to navigate for any first time user. No clutter. This carries over through each facet of the app. Clicking the navigation icon on screen will reduce the current page you’re on, moving it to one side, making it easy to keep track of where you’ve been – being able to get back there with a single touch. The accessibility is striking.

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All five of the hotels under The Montcalm name guarantee luxury, and the app reflects this high level of quality they provide. Smooth animations take you from page to page, enabling you to do absolutely everything related to your stay in one place along the way. Discover The Montcalm’s hotels: explore the rooms and suites available, compare prices, book and manage your reservations, and even keep up to date with the latest offers.

Furthermore, detailed information regarding nearby bars and restaurants comes complimentary within the app, as is a wellness section for those interested in the spa treatments available at The Montcalm’s signature hotel situated at a prime location near Marble Arch. The comprehensive nature of the app doesn’t stop there either. Photos and videos are also a prominent feature, acting as an avenue for potential visitors to get a literal look into what’s in store. No need to hit up TripAdvisor.

The attention to detail and services baked into the app’s foundation really is outstanding. It is honestly completely unnecessary for a hotel app to be this deep, yet because of this, it unmistakably stands head and shoulders above every other equivalent hotel experience on app stores. My Montcalm raises the bar for electronic vacation companions. The only downside is that for future endeavours you’re likely to turn your nose up at all those other inferior hotel apps.

Travel over to the Montcalm app (App Store) to get your Montcalm hotels app (Google Play) for free today.


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